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Aleksa Mašić

Aleksa is the epitome of a person who has dedicated their whole life to the body movement. He’s been a professional athlete for 15 years and he’s been in charge of managing sports associations and programs for over 10 years, working with everyone from children to professional teams. Sport management graduate, former water ski champion, water skiing coach in Belgrade and the USA, founder of the Belgrade water skiing club “Rush”, and a licensed tennis instructor with a PTR US license. He is also a licensed ski instructor and a passionate fan of various extreme sports.

If you ask him whether he prefers the water or snow, it’s highly unlikely he’ll be able to pick one.

For 10 years, Aleksa has been a proud member of the Mountain Rescue Service (GSS) which gathers the best volunteers across Serbia.

As the creator of the XTEAM Training Center and XTEAM ISLAND, he believes that the movement, and especially the functional movement, is the most effective way to maintain and improve your lifestyle.

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Nina Omrčen

Although she has acquired her formal higher education in the field of costume design, Nina’s love for sport and movement has cultivated from her early childhood. She had devoted her seven years of life to kick-box and four years to functional training. Nina’s mental and physical strength fascinates every person who had a privilege of being coached by her.

A member of XTEAM from the very beginning, Nina is waiting for you both in Basic and Performance groups.

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Maja Perović Lazarević

Maja is a professional in marketing and business for over 10 years. Master of Communication and a graduate economist, she strongly believes that without commitment to health and a healthy body, there is no room for healthy spirit, and that moving the boundaries at all levels is a necessity for improvement.

She’s the owner of Market Republic and Digital Quince and mainly works with companies from the United States, UK and the EU.

Maja has been a member of XTEAM since June 2016 and together with Aleksa she is dedicated to making XTEAM a unique lifestyle concept that brings together everything that has to do with healthy habits, sports, extreme sports, healthy food, and other.